Friday, 25 July 2014

Another report

As I make progress on my project, I learn just as all gain is not monetary not all progress is code.

From the time of my last report (Sorry Myriam since it was more than a week ago), I have not written any "pushable" code i.e. only some code has been changed that serve as markers (like a TODO) for future work or some really minor bugs fixed that I stumbled upon as I use my flavor of Amarok.

Anyway, I was going through the collectionscanner code, trying to understand how it works: it as another process that the main Amarok process communicates with. It is designed to go through files and directories and mark files that are useful to Amarok. Like .mp3 , .ogg , etc. I am thinking to add .lrc to this list. For this I will have to create a class whose instance would represent an lrc file.

After this I will need to add these lyrics to the Amarok database. I still haven't been able to decide should I make this change in the generic core/collections/Collection.cpp class or the core-impl/collections/SqlCollection.cpp class. When this is over, I will just have to save the lyrics as lyrics tag and the LyricsApplet will pick it up.


  1. I read, enjoy and learn from your blog. Thanks! Keep on posting.


    1. Thank you Leslie :)
      I'll keep posting. In fact I'm working on my final report right now

  2. Thank you for this post. Keep it up. Hope to read more post from you guys.